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♥ 綱手
14 December 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Don't talk to highly important people who are older than you and you are completely inebriated. Especially when you have a reputation to maintain.

Not that I am speaking from experience, it was just random advice that I thought was important. But kids I am back from the school convention, I bet none of you missed me besides my paperwork. And I'm wondering on how the dance is coming along, did I already miss our first official meeting?

Also, Uchiha. Concerning your attitude and manners, I'm giving you a private job. Meet me in my office on Monday. You're going to help me do this damn paperwork.
♥ 綱手
In 2008, gamble_princess resolves to...
Give up drinking.
Take heavengirlx gambling.
Put fifty my breasts a month into my savings account.
Lose ten stretto_slurs by March.
Ask my boss for a money.
Cut down on my winning.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I detest the first one, and Tenten. Are you legal?
♥ 綱手
22 November 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Hey kids. Guess what? The school is hosting a winter dance for the holidays.

So it is compulsory that you all attend. Information will be set up, if you're interested in helping comment in my journals.
♥ 綱手
15 November 2007 @ 11:30 pm
Apparently there is some idotic Tokyo-related festival/party/dance that the school must plan for Christmas? Japan does not even hold that overrated holiday with any importance! Yet I am still to host this party at the high school? By myself? I doubt that will happen at all. So, this is a somewhat informal announcement to the students. I need a few to help organize the festivities, although I have yet to figure out details of the actual event. Extra credits and a few promotions to your grades will be a definite bargain.

I do note some awkward behavior some students have with each other. An assembly may be held for that....depending.

♥ 綱手
30 October 2007 @ 07:02 pm
Those bastards at the House of Councillors said I had to publicize myself over the internet, to understand the youth of today's generation. I work at a school, I bloody well work with children all the time. So, joyous for my students to know that their principal has her own little online journal. Now I can keep an eye on all of you, really just Naruto.

Nevertheless, I really really need a drink. Shizune found my stash the other day and gave me a lecture about it. This should be the other way around. So I'm offering. Anyone want to play drinking buddies with me? Children, I do not mean you. I'm talking to the adults around.

And I cannot believe how much paperwork I have on my desk. I'm a principal. When did they have so much paperwork? At least no one has yet to put politic paperworks on me. Thank God.

But I'm offering, a date at a bar? Uta offers some first class Sake.